Back to my Studio!

I've decided to go back to hosting my own workshops in house.
Next up is Nov. 10, 2018 from 10-2 PM
Only 8 spaces possible!
Remember you can always book your own date for me if you can bring in 5 other houses.
1-3 people can work on a house together at no additional cost

Through the Rest of the Year

I have three workshops coming up!- all at Circle of Hands in Sebastapol, CA. (my favorite place to have workshops): September 23rd, Nov. 4, and Dec.2nd. 10-2.
register here:
Circle of Hands Workshops
here's pics from the last workshop:

Workshops in the Works- Sunday oct.23rd 2016

Okay I am not so good at posting all my workshops here anymore (other people taking registration makes me a lazy artist). Suffice to say I run a workshop in the north bay about every other month. Lately at either Circle of Hands in Sebastapol or Opera House collective in Petaluma or out of my studio. During the summer I have a woodland house workshop up at the lovely Mayacama golf course.
Next workshop is October 23rd at Circle of Hands- only two spaces left! We will have perfect weather for this one so come on out! register at Circle of Hands:
Also i know some folks are trying to get another workshop going in my studio- If you are ineterested contact me at:
do NOT spam me! thx

Next workshop at Opera House Collective

Only a couple weeks away!
January 9th, 10-2
After a season off from house workshops (family stuff) I'm jumping back in with another workshop upstairs at the Opera House Collective in Petaluma, CA..
I'm collaborating this one with the wonderful Julie Yarnall who runs Hearts and Hands, a lovely Waldorf school in Petaluma. She also has a store set up IN the Opera House Collective Space.
Please contact the Opera House to register. or call 774-6576
Their cost is $95- all materials included.

Lots of Workshops!

First off this weekend-Saturday- there is still space at the Petaluma CA workshop at The Opera House Collective. Its a adorable store filled with handmade things. The workshop is upstairs 10-2. Give them a call now! Its almost full up. Only a couple seats left!
here's the link:

then, next month, Saturday May 30th, I'll be having a workshop in Sebastopol at the Circle of Hands Waldorf Toy Store. Another shop where it is hard to leave with only your fabulous new fairy house, as it is full of beckoning treasures. The time on that one is 9-1:00. Im not sure how many seats are left. Best way to register or ask questions is to call them at: (707) 634-6140

If you are a member of the Mayacama Golf Course, up in the beautiful Windsor hills, I have two workshops booked there this summer. Contact them for more info/registration.

Fairy Gnome House Workshops in June 2014

I haven't posted the last three workshops. Sorry- I have been focusing on other areas of my life. But back by popular demand is an in-house workshop for all you local builders. Choose June 21st OR the 22nd. 10-2 PM. Or get together 4 other people who want to build a house and book a workshop at a time of your own choosing! I look forward to working with you and your family.

Upcoming Workshops and New Houses

Oh boy- its that time of year, If you see me running about the hills with my saw and collection bags don't be surprised!
Berkeley Rose School still has a few spaces this Saturday the 2nd! Its i n the morning so you can still go look for fairies in Berkeley hills when you are done.
Then November 17th I have an in studio workshop here in Santa Rosa. Sunday the 17th, from 2-6PM. I'll have to have a cookie break in the middle of that one. Only a few spaces left so contact me directly if you want to reserve a seat!
Heres some great pics from the last workshop.